Jeremy Sits in with The Hombres

In November last year, Jeremy sat in with the Hombres at the Walkerville Theatre. The event was very well catered. In particular, there were these bags of honey mustard chips that he’d never seen before. Despite his best efforts, he’s never found them in any store since. They are, and will likely always remain, the one that got away.

Download Our Holiday Song for Free!

Since you’re probably blowing all your savings buying Sega Dreamcasts for your loved ones, we thought we’d cut you a break. You deserve one! So here’s our holiday song for free. Just download it to your Zune and you’re on your way to a jollier holiday. Oh, and remember to feed your Tamagotchi otherwise it will HATE you.

Just click the download link below and you’re set.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Stereo Goes Stellar.

Download “Penelope” and Help Babies

Almost two months ago, I recorded a track to help raise money for a very unique cause called Penelope’s Chair. The response has been awesome and I can’t thank everyone who bought the track enough! It means a great deal to my family and I, so again, thank you!

One thing I negated to mention is that Penelope is my niece. Yeah, she’s my brother and sister-in-law’s kid. I didn’t mention it because she didn’t want me to say anything. I think she’s embarrassed of me. It might be because I’m in my twenties and still participate in “supervised tummy time,” but it’s important for the development of my motor skills, you know? Babies and their egos.

It is my understanding that the cause has nearly reached its goal, so the donation will be made very soon! So, you’ve got until Monday, October 1st to download the track at It only costs a dollar, and all proceeds from the sale of the track will benefit “Penelope’s Chair”, which aims to donate special (and very expensive) chairs to the Hutzel NICU at the Detroit Medical Center. These special chairs facilitate “Kangaroo Care” to help develop essential bonding between parent and prematurely born child.

Movies and Beers


Erik (with a ‘k’ on the end) and our pal Eric (with a ‘c’ on the end) have created a podcast where they watch a movie and then discuss that movie over a beer. Maybe a Pilsner. Maybe a draught. Regardless, they’re up for a Pulitzer. Like, they’re up for it. As in, if someone offered a Pulitzer Prize to them, they’d be up for that. An example of how that interaction might go down follows.

Adjudicator: “Erik and Eric, may I interest you in a Pulitzer for your podcast on movies and beer?”

Erik (with a ‘k’): “Yeah, I’m up for that.”

Eric (with a ‘c’): “Agreed.”

I know, I know. It’s hard to believe I never formally attended a journalism school. This is hard hitting stuff.

Check out the podcast at!


The NEW!

In an effort to amalgamate all of the pertinent information about the band into one convenient location, has received a makeover!

Our entire discography has been uploaded to Bandcamp, so you can now download everything we’ve ever created in the studio from there. All of our YouTube videos, from music videos to EPKs have been accumulated in the videos section, and all of our lyrics from our entire discography have been compiled as well!

Additionally, an online store has been setup at Bandcamp just in case digital downloads of our music will not suffice. There’s even a few t-shirts over there.

Please enjoy the new website, and check back for updates on what the band and its members are up to.